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1. Award wining country design by Slartibartfast.
2. Location of the German secret weapons facility in return to castle wolfensthein.
3. The real life version Hoth from star wars.
4. Location of hamerfest-base: the last levels in C&C Tiberian sun.
5. a Mecca for terrorists who want protection and a comfortable life
1. Norway, isn’t that the country Slartibartfast won that fjord award for.
2. Your mission is to infiltrate the German secret weapons facility in norway
3. Wow Norway is really as could as Hoth
4. NOD has attack the hamerfest-base in Norway
5. -Immigration authority: what is your occupation
-Mullah Krekar: I am a terrorist leader.
- Immigration authority: well in that case I guess you need protection and a free lawyer then.
by slicer May 18, 2004
A Convertible is a car which has no roof (Sort of). The roof is usual made of some sort of material which can be used or hidden. Found generally on sports cars.
Guy: Hey theres a convertible! It has no roof!
Girl: Yeah maybe u should buy me one cause I like the wind flowing through my hair!
by Slicer June 29, 2005
a magic card that is too good
skullclamp is very broken
by slicer February 03, 2005
" "
short for unreal turnament
lets play " "
by slicer May 11, 2004
Big titties generally found on a woman (Hopefully)
That woman has massive bushisms
by Slicer September 14, 2004

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