Term for a woman being her period.
"you getting laid tonight?"
"nah, she's broken."
by Runway66 October 06, 2004
Disfunctional beyond repair
Darius' Nalgee was not broken.
by Biscuit January 18, 2005
A violent short film made by a master of music, Trent Reznor.
Broken made me feel sick to my stomach! I can't believe they cut that guy's dick off! Ewww, cooties!
by Black Zombie December 12, 2003
Ridiculously socially inept Magic nerds use this term ad nauseum to describe something so powerful it supposedly "breaks" the game mechanics. In reality, if they were so attuned to the balance of the game that they had any real insight, they would be working for Wizards of the Coast...which they most likely aren't.
That kid that hasn't showered in three weeks claims every other card his opponent plays is broken. I wish he'd just shut the fuck up already and play the game.
by BigEz April 08, 2010
Term used in Card Games that signifies an extremely good card.
That card is broken, everyone better be using it.
by Cds February 18, 2003
When referring to a pet cat or dog that's been "fixed", they're actually broken. I mean, think about it...when a pet has its cunt cut out or has its nads chopped off, it is no longer capable of doing something that it was rather easily able to before -- that is, make kittens or puppies!
Yeah, Nikki has been broken; she got spayed approx. nine years ago and can no longer have little baby kitties.
by Telephony June 06, 2015
1. Characterizing game mechanics or objects that are so powerful that they trivialize game content or become the only desirable items or mechanics for a player to use.
2. Describing any combination of character class mechanics and equipment which is too difficult or impossible for skilled players to reliably counter in player vs player combat.
Rogue stunlock chains were broken so Blizzard changed the mechanics.
by Ba Rum Ba Dum Dum September 20, 2011

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