The toughest, most outright black thug in the history of the world. My boy, my homie, ladiez love him. Thugz wanna be him. He's the greatest of the greatz and mess with him and you'll get hurt.
When I say B, You say Rizzle
B-rizzle is our lord.
by Al Cakez July 30, 2006
It's snoop dogg for a fine brunette.
I got a livin room full of fine dime brizzles.
by some polak December 06, 2004
usually a boy, generally with 2+ girlfriends.
to do "the brizzle dance" is for a boy to dance in womens clothing while attempting to do a thizz face while both hands flop about atop his mostly still arms.
by Caitlynnn February 06, 2007
receiving oral sex, have a female perform oral sex on you head
shorty gave me some brizzle.
by jay March 28, 2005
a female: different word for breezy.
I got this little brizzle coming through later on.
by Jamar September 15, 2003
worse than a breezy, usually seen wearing ugg boots with ruffle skirts and leg warmers.
"check out that brizzle wearin flip flops on a rainy day"
by joshua February 27, 2005
The Original!
Inventor of the -izzle, -izzow, -izzy language. Copyrighted 1995
B-Rizzle is my nizzle fo' shizzle
by US Copyright Office May 28, 2003
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