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Be kissing but cheeks touching, lips crossing, eskimo kisses, lips locked, and reinforced by lots of explicit touching where practical. Boy can follow sexy sequence of ear, jawline, chin, lower lip, upper lip, eyes, cheeks, mouth, tongue. maybe sweaty, a little blurry and always sweet.
kitten i miss you too much. gotta hold you, kizzle you, make your skin burn and your legs yearn. You crazy hot. plus my baby i love you forever. lets kizzle some more on soft surfaces.
by Boyfriend M Nougat February 25, 2008
k-izzle. a wonderful young women who enjoys being "ghetto" with her fello class mates. she enjoys long walks on the beatch and a moon light dinner.
you may reach her at 1-800-k-izzle
" K-Izzle! what's yo dizzle fo shizzle?!"
"idkizzle. fo rizzle. my bizzle."
by moksha December 26, 2004
A girl with the ability to make other girls pregnant.
Girl 1: Oh my god, I'm pregnant.
Girl 2: Who's the dad?
Girl 1: I............I think it's Kizzle.
by A Real Connor October 03, 2011
Can be used in place of any noun that is preceded by a quantifier. Also used once by Onision in a "Haters United" video.
"92,000 views! So close to 100 kizzle!"
"This quest requires me to get 50 kizzle >.>"
"I only need a few kizzle in order to make this pie"
by BassMZero November 05, 2010
to kiss and wrestle; to make out and rough up at the same time.
I just wanted to cuddle but he kept trying to kizzle!
Yeah, I got this black eye kizzling with Fritz last night.
by AlixiaWhatever November 23, 2008
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