The inventor of the "izzy to my nizzle, so slizzow on my nizzow" language.
Copyrighted 1996
by US Copyright 1996 May 28, 2003
Slang for a cup of tea. Can also be used as a general term for all hot drinks that require brewing. Does not cover coffee but will on occaision been used in this context incorrectly. (For coffee see Kizzle) Regional distortions of brizzle include brizzola and brizzelation
MrX: Fella can I brizzle you up old skool.
MrY: Get it rippin. I could grizzle a brizzle like a chizzler.
MrX: Grizzle.
by Jah Jolson July 31, 2007
A pretty girl...just another way of saying a broad. Used esp. by Brannon and Scott.
Brannon: Yo, Scott, check out that brizzle over there...lookin' baller!

Scott: Yeah man, I'd sure like to hit her up! And Coon, you can't have her.

Me: That's not fair!
by Anthony Coon August 21, 2004
blue rizlas
hey man, you got any b-rizzle im gonna make a blockbuster, which is a big spilf
by jc November 10, 2003
To smoke marajuna or skunk, the art of brizzling includes rolling BLUD.
Lets go outside for a brizzle dog
by Jermaine D October 21, 2007
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