Greasy haired hippie
Brett is so slick
by chocolate cucumber May 28, 2013
He is a ginger with blue eyes and a gorgeous stomack.
He loves keeping people happy.

He makes sure he really likes a girl before he dates her because he's scared he going yo get hurt
He's the guy friend you never intend to fall for.
When you fall for him you fall harder and faster then you intended to fall for anyone.
When you see him your heart drops it stops and races all at trhe same time
You get butterflies that feel like they can pick you up and take you away.
Your face goes a bright red as soon as he puts his arms around you for a hug.
He is the sweetest guy you will ever know. He will get along great with your family and friends
He'll do anything for you.
He's truely one you want to keep around!
He can be slightly agressive when drinking but that's the fun part
Tianna: Heey Layla look who it is.
Layla: omg its brett! (Oh my go butterflies)
Tianna I wasn't supposta like him like this!
by MurphyBear September 08, 2010
A guy who will pull you in with funny jokes and comments, you and everyone else will laugh at him about his egotistical behavior thinking it isn't serious, but indeed he is serious. He is full of himself, and thinks the world revolves around him.
My boyfriend never thinks he does anything wrong, I'm so sick of it, if he keeps acting like a Brett I dont know how much longer I will be able to stay
by TinyTim22 March 29, 2011
when your playing a video game (such as halo) and you friend takes off in a vehicle, leaving you behind.
Dude, I died because you pulled a freakin' Brett.
by Rylen & Aj December 11, 2007
A penis that is so hairy that one cannot see the skin of the shaft.
People with bretts should shave.
by The One They Call... Phil July 18, 2011
A very beautiful girl with crazy sex appeal, a very good friend, and someone you can depend on. She is fun to be around and just an all around good person.
p1: Man she is off the chain!! Who is that?

p2: Who her? Oh that is Brett
by B. Skipper 44 February 03, 2010
A guy who is overly obsessed with his bicycle. Creates awful, unreasonable architecture projects and looks like a ginger, shaved hedgehog and/or Mr. Incredible. "Fancies" girls.
Aw man, I did this project last year and now he's doing it. He totally bretted me.
by selucina April 18, 2010

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