The name of a guy who typically stands 6' tall with blond hair, piercing blue eyes and a laugh that makes you want to laugh along side him. He could survive a lifetime on sandwiches, protein shakes, trail mix and not to mention a healthy dose of oral. (give or get, he's not picky) Brett's are usually doters (look it up people, it's not that difficult) and enjoy activities such as "plowing" and finding new ways to reference his penis -- while simultaneously hating grocery shopping and begging for road head. Brett's will always be the one that got away if you let him judge wisely women!!
Questions: "Who's the man??!?"
Answer: "BRETT is, bitch!"
by Michaela aka The Phantom April 07, 2009
A guy who will pull you in with funny jokes and comments, you and everyone else will laugh at him about his egotistical behavior thinking it isn't serious, but indeed he is serious. He is full of himself, and thinks the world revolves around him.
My boyfriend never thinks he does anything wrong, I'm so sick of it, if he keeps acting like a Brett I dont know how much longer I will be able to stay
by TinyTim22 March 29, 2011
A penis that is so hairy that one cannot see the skin of the shaft.
People with bretts should shave.
by The One They Call... Phil July 18, 2011
A very beautiful girl with crazy sex appeal, a very good friend, and someone you can depend on. She is fun to be around and just an all around good person.
p1: Man she is off the chain!! Who is that?

p2: Who her? Oh that is Brett
by B. Skipper 44 February 03, 2010
when your playing a video game (such as halo) and you friend takes off in a vehicle, leaving you behind.
Dude, I died because you pulled a freakin' Brett.
by Rylen & Aj December 11, 2007
Brett is a name of a typical gay male. Typically 49 out of 50 people named Brett are gay. A person named Brett is very loyal and a girl's best friend. He knows how to get the guy in more ways than one ;).
Girl 1: Look at that guy, he is so hot.

Girl 2: Yea, but he is totally gay.
Girl 1: How do you know?
Girl 2: Because his name is Brett.
Girl 1: Dammit.
by thegleeker April 04, 2011
A guy who is overly obsessed with his bicycle. Creates awful, unreasonable architecture projects and looks like a ginger, shaved hedgehog and/or Mr. Incredible. "Fancies" girls.
Aw man, I did this project last year and now he's doing it. He totally bretted me.
by selucina April 18, 2010

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