Someone who is honest, giving, respectful, sooo hot, funny and smart. Always is smiling but has a tender heart. Very strong and popular but can be shy at times. The person you dream about falling in love with and the guy you cant live without. Puts others before himself and helps out the kids that get picked on. The guy who your proud to be with nomatter how many mistakes he makes.
"Bretts really cute... Yep i know but hes all mine"
by Lar-Lar February 23, 2012
The guy you want to be your boyfriend...Cares for you fully, Cares about how to speak to a woman, Chivalrous, Kind-hearted, Warm, Loves to Cuddle. He makes you smile when you think that it is impossible.
Guy: Whats wrong?
Girl: This is like the worst day ever.
Guy: Im sorry, you should talk to Brett
by Cascade of Roses April 14, 2011
Double D, coolest most down to earth person you will ever meet. Claims he has great culinary skill but those have yet to be put to the test so we'll see on that. One of the smartest people you will ever meet. Very kind-hearted, chivalrous, handsome, sexy, sweeter than candy, sour patch kid for sure. Incredibly athletic, great at all sports, especially football and hockey. Old-fashioned in the best way possible. Always knows the right things to say. Definitely keeps people on their toes. Extremely funny, can make almost anyone laugh. He has the greatest personality in the world, with quite arguably the worst timing ever. He takes awhile to make his mind up. He has excellent taste in movies and tv and would watch them 24/7 if he could. Most down to earth cop/football player one will ever meet. Grammar police for sure. Very caring and all around awesome. Very easy to fall for as he is so sweet. lol He enjoys being single so he should soak it up as much as possible. Drives me bananas but at the same time you cant help but be all happy and giddy when talking or thinking about him. He might be the One but who could really know that. He is an all around amazing person and anyone who meets him falls in love with him, as they should. He is insanely tall but very much a gentle giant. Can take you to heaven if you're lucky enough ;)Definitely a keeper, if you meet him, hang on to him, or you just might lose one of the best things to ever happen to you.
Juice "Hey have you seen Brett today?"
"Ashley: Oh ya, he took my to heaven, it was amazing"
by JaxTigJuice December 04, 2013
A sexy Irish guy who likes to drink energy drinks. He can make you laugh with all the random stuff he says and does. He is caring, nice and can be smart when he tries, but can also be stuborn.
Person 1: who‘s that sexy guy with you?
Person 2: oh, that‘s Brett!
by IrishTurtle June 13, 2014
A handsome guy who can be easily swayed by the wrong crowd and tries to impress friends by being tough, but really he is the sweetest, kindest, smartest, best guy you will ever know.
The most coolest guy ever! A brett is usually blond.
by jamicaman October 07, 2013
Brett is the kind of guy any girl deserves. He's sweet,charming,caring....
BUT...he is veryyy picky with his interest in girls. He will not choose someone who isn't popular. He can charm any girl,but then he chooses the popular girls who wear makeup and are skinny. Everyone deserves a Brett,but only populars will get one.
Popular girl: ha! I got a Brett
Unpopular girl: Lucky! >;(
Popular girl: hahaha
by WolfAngelJB December 30, 2012
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