chill most of the time but can get a little bossy
dude, bretts cool but he con be kind of a wang
by nicksabeast December 17, 2014
A short, high pitch voiced male who despises sports, and boys. He would rather hang out with his girl friends any day, rather than being with jocks or at a sports game. Usually has straight or wavy red/blonde hair with thick rimmed glasses. Is a goody two shoes who does well in school and does not swear. Does not think sexually like his rebellious friends. Is hurt or offended easily and is usually wise or cocky if you get on his bad side. Sometimes in love with a PPP singer, most likely Taylor Swift or Marina Diamandis. Spends most of his time sketching, watching reality TV, or staying up all night on the internet, usually tumblr or instagram. Quiet at first, until you get to know him. He wears black all of the time and is a panicky type of guy, who worries way too much and has a strong love for 80's, and vintage and retro items.
Evelina: Brett! I can't hear you, where are you?!
Brett: I'm down here, I'm so short that you can't see me.
Allison: Eve, where is Brett? I don't see him what?!
Melody: He probably fell into the pits of hell
by hellaradkittens November 21, 2014
A sweet, kind, caring guy with a lot of charm. He may seem perfect, but he will leave you crying with your heart in the dirt. He will be all nice to you and then come out and tell you that he likes someone else. He'll make you feel like you're not good enough.
I <3 my boyfriend!
Who is he?

So you're the other girl.
by WolfAngelJB February 24, 2013
Refers to a group of unfortunately awkward young adults with a penchant for rambling, staring, and fidgeting. Prone to excessive negativity. Constantly complains about women disliking them, even when they disrespect and judge them before getting to know them.
Girl No. 1: "Hey, how's it going?"
by Anon Y. Mousse September 03, 2012
A pimple on an ass, usually the ass of the father brettster that is left untended, unloved and grossly sore and festering;

A talented yet raw and meaningless speck of human tissue that is ambiguous in sexual appeal and often mistaken for a pillar of salt or concrete when asked to express original thoughts and desires;

An heir apparent that apparently is not going to inherit anything but the sins of the father carbunkles dingleberry
Don exclaimed, "Brett is a pain in the ass, literally!"
Many in the room nodded knowingly, but Nannette was confused until she remembered the small blood streaked stains on his side of the bed and on the back of his briefs.
"Is your brett the reason it pains you so to sit with me on the church pew" she asked? Don grinned as he replied, "Of course it is hon."
by Missfits December 04, 2012
Brett is a kid with a tiny penis who scooters with 10 year olds on his free time. He enjoys the mutilation of babies with granny panties on there heads. He goes to Tijuana on his free time to bang wolf pussy. He uses penis pumps on his dogs and has an "ejaculation blanket" that he spews all his man juice on. He was the main suspect of a case including him and a 49 year old man from Pittsburgh back in 1999. Alfred Tucker, who was, at the time, a successful businessman and philanthropist who had a master's degree in Business Economics and had a beautiful wife from downtown Walnut Creek, was found dead in a random tenement in uptown Oakland. His mouth was full of semen, foam, shampoo bars, and dildos. His asshole was full of diapers, which reeked of rotten potatoes. Anyway, back to the fucking story. Brett ended up having sex with a monkey and his mom became a prostitute. The end.
Hey, Brett.
YEAH!!!!!SCOOTER111111!!!!!!11 IM A FAGGOT?????
You're gay.
by Applebaby DiCkSchoolboyQLamar$ September 03, 2012
Greasy haired hippie
Brett is so slick
by chocolate cucumber May 28, 2013

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