A guy who is overly obsessed with his bicycle. Creates awful, unreasonable architecture projects and looks like a ginger, shaved hedgehog and/or Mr. Incredible. "Fancies" girls.
Aw man, I did this project last year and now he's doing it. He totally bretted me.
#douche #mr. incredible #rip off artist #integrity #creativity
by selucina April 18, 2010
(noun.) A white male, also known as a cracker, known for having an unusually small penis. The 'Brett' is often seen buying, selling or tinkering with junked and otherwise useless VW's.
Person 1: That guy is a real Brett.
Person 2: Who, that Tool over there?
#dumbass #tool #fool #downeaster #under achiever.
by MoliMattnski December 14, 2010
a very ugly girl that gets NO guys and is so RUDE AND MEAN! has no friends or has friends that hate her. not usually the smartest girl and always talked badly about behind her back
Jessica: That girl is all alone, lets go talk to her!
Julie: Ew NO that is a brett
Jessica: Ewwwwww never mind!!

Julie: That is why she is all alone!
Jessica: GOT IT!! lets go
#ugly #rude #mean #brett #hated
by lollipop123445 July 21, 2010
Brett? The dumbest fuck in the bunch!
Can be sweet when he wants,But is also a huge JACKASS!
Never usually falls hrd for anyone,only on ocasions.
He`s a hick,for sure! Would go GAY for a Dakota or an Andy. Brett,is a douche bag. The end!
Brett,is a FUCKTARD!
#dumb #mean #asshole #fucktard #stupid
by SEX:) March 10, 2010
Brett is a name of a typical gay male. Typically 49 out of 50 people named Brett are gay. A person named Brett is very loyal and a girl's best friend. He knows how to get the guy in more ways than one ;).
Girl 1: Look at that guy, he is so hot.

Girl 2: Yea, but he is totally gay.
Girl 1: How do you know?
Girl 2: Because his name is Brett.
Girl 1: Dammit.
#gay #loyal #best friend #guy #bed
by thegleeker April 04, 2011
Orlando "managing associate"; fair weather Saints fan; Tebow-less Gator fan.
Are you sure you can log into Westlaw; did you ask Brett, he is the managing associate, after all.
#managing associate #saints #gators #tebow #orlando
by BudBen February 04, 2010
A Child that needs to stop playing video games and grow up.
"Hey whats up Brett whats new..."

"nothing just video games"

"wow Fag"
#brett #popkey #runescape #wow #world of warcraft
by Jester121 August 26, 2008
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