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A pimple on an ass, usually the ass of the father brettster that is left untended, unloved and grossly sore and festering;

A talented yet raw and meaningless speck of human tissue that is ambiguous in sexual appeal and often mistaken for a pillar of salt or concrete when asked to express original thoughts and desires;

An heir apparent that apparently is not going to inherit anything but the sins of the father carbunkles dingleberry
Don exclaimed, "Brett is a pain in the ass, literally!"
Many in the room nodded knowingly, but Nannette was confused until she remembered the small blood streaked stains on his side of the bed and on the back of his briefs.
"Is your brett the reason it pains you so to sit with me on the church pew" she asked? Don grinned as he replied, "Of course it is hon."
by Missfits December 04, 2012
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