sex bomb
'' Brent is a sex bomb''
by Miss Molly May May 05, 2010
brent's are kind hearted. amazing in bed. loving. sweet. great personality. loves to make the ONE feel special :)
has girls all over him, but states that he will not betray the one he loves.
Also goes by names other than his own.
makes her heart melt and knows what to say. he doesnt use girls, looks for a long time relationship (life parntner)

Also freaking gorgeous. could make any girl jizz at his looks. :)
brent is also a tease.

and is a deep thinker. loves french toast. and his girlfriend :)
You see brent?"
he's so hot. i wonder if he will sleep with me?"
nope. he's got a girlfriend. he won't betray her for someone like you.
by BreatheLightly February 10, 2012
A male, typically white, who is an extremely fun person to be around. He doesn't usually enjoy having full attention of a group of people he doesn't know but he will still give it his all. Very shy, and cute, but is able to use his shyness well to make him better. Constantly improves, and always lets his friends and his classmates remember how smart he is.
"Wow look at that guy, he's so hot. What a Brent!!"
"Thats Brent.. Showoff."
"You just got Brented!!"
"Brent.. The new word for Pwnage."
by WhiteFang1221201 October 25, 2011
He is kind, respectful, and trustworthy and always puts those he cares for first. His competitive streak is strong and drives him to achieve great things. His body is an oasis, company addictive and most likely has a witty humour that is capable of making anyone smile. He admits to his imperfections and that makes him all the more perfect.
“That guy seems so genuine.”
“A guy like that would have to be a Brent.”
by patientlywaiting February 11, 2012
Cute as a button
Person 1: Whos that guy?
Person 2: That's Brent
Perosn 1: What a cutie
Person 2: Like a button.
by Binshit December 30, 2010
The most amazing man on the planet. Hilarious, beautiful, is always there for the people that need him the most. Someone loves him very much and he is totally oblivious to it.
Brent probably said it.
by shitturdz July 06, 2011
A guy who knows everything. If you have done something totaly crazy he has done it but way cooler or better. He is a doctor, laywer, senators son, astronaut, storm chaser, assasin, historean, ultimate fighter, body builder, CSI investicator, BMX racer, ninja, fire fighter, UFO chaser, stuntman, ladie killer, mechanic, pro fisherman and is best friends with the only guy that is almost as cool as him Chris. The dosaquis commercial is based on him. Other movies that are roughly based on his life are:
-Passion of the Christ
-Never ending story
-Harry Potter
And too many other ones to list including Jesus.
Jeremy: "I have skydived off the empire state building in a snow storm."
Brent: "Oh i i did that but riding an elaphant backwards."
by We want to be like Brent June 13, 2012

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