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to end or avoid an awkward situation by starting a conversation with someone about something.
"If you start to feel weird or uncomfortable at the party tonight, try to think of something to break the ice."
by Mace November 25, 2007
1. attempt to escape from an awkward situation.
2. say something in a silent moment.
3. do something to win the appreciation of people you don't know.
(Attempt to break the ice after a large argument has ended between two people) "Man these ribs are awesome! where did you get them?"

(Meeting people for the first time) "So who wants what to drink? It's on me guys."
by bensley November 15, 2007
A colloquial phrase used to denote a time in an individual's life where they have to dig deep in order to overcome tremendous personal adversity. Often used when someone's back is against the wall and they must believe in them self in order to beat the odds and come out on top.

This phrase is based on Australian pop sensation/feathered hair model, John Farnham's, inspirational title track to the 1986 hit BMX movie, Rad. The song itself is entitled "Break the Ice."
It's going to take a lot more than skill for Cru Jones to conquer Helltrack, the toughest BMX challenge in the world. He's going to have to really dig deep and believe in himself if he wants to break the ice.

When it seemed like the odds were stacked too high against him, John dug deep and broke the ice when he asked Kelly for her number right before last call.

Even though everyone in his life told him it couldn't be done, Todd believed in himself and broke the ice when he threw back his 12th shot of tequilla in one night.
by DanPercivalFan May 09, 2009
when you push your dick so hard into her you both cum everywhere
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by sexy tinaa April 22, 2009
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