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1) Short for sister
2) In the song Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches, SIS seems to stand for Stay In School...
My sis went to the movies with a scumball.

"Stay in school... Cause it's the best..."
by wxynot July 12, 2005
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Slang for sister
Me and my sis went to the movies.
by Thunderchild March 25, 2003
1.) A South African English expression roughly equivalent to the American "yech" and the Afrikaans expression "sies".

2.) An American term of endearment for a sister, now also used in other countries.
1.) Sis, man, you stink!

2.) Hey, sis, hey bro, how's Ma doin'?
by Xaviana December 01, 2003
Smirk in Silence:
The act of putting on a straight face after putting someone in a spot.
Pulling someone's leg as a group where everyone acts normal in a scenario that is funny.
Used on social networks, chat rooms and least could be!
Totally loved getting on Spook's nerves acting as if I don't know him at the bar last night. Pulled a SIS.
by far_c November 02, 2009
SiS as in Shit Its Sunday Commonly used on sites like Facebook and Myspace
John: Aw man SiS
Kevin: Dude I know
by Kife1100 April 05, 2009
Snickering in Silence
new for LOL because it applies much more than LOL when texting/typing and trying to be quite
While texting in class i received a message with a prime time to say "thats what she said" and/or "reminds me of my saturday night" or even "I get that all the time" so I sis'd vs lol'ing

"idk what happened it just went everywhere after i touched it"
"reminds me of my saturday night"
by kevin "k-bone" December 25, 2009
Due to the vast majority of lies which happens every time a person types 'LOL' in texting or the internet, SIS (Smile in Silence) is a much more proper use in times when one does not actually laugh when typing 'LOL'. Though, this may suggest that the person is not as fun as he did not actually laugh.
A: Yo, B, I just tried walking thru at a drive thru.
B: LOL, what happened?
A: B, stop lying bro, don't tell me you actually laughed at that message. SIS
B: Jeez, such a stickler...So what happened?
A: They told me that they only viewed car owners as acceptable customers.
by Shinigami Prophet July 10, 2014

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