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to masturbate uncontrollably
Jason was caught brenting in the broom closet.
by Edger Shroom August 19, 2007
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An engagement building game played by thousands of people who arrive to work at a reasonable time. Players place bets as to when a "Brent" will actually show up for work, typically after 9am. Winners typically receive a traveling trophy and bragging rights. No one knows where the game originated, or if there was ever a real "Brent" but if there is, he and his snooze button are deeply revered for their continually perseverant somnolence.
Did you hear that Tim got a threepeat in Brenting this week? Legendary!
by Wasn't Me March 10, 2015
the act of committing douche baggery
sheesh. why you gotta be a brenting all the time?
by TeamT's September 30, 2011
verb. To efficiently use time incorrectly.
Alan - "Hey, are you coming to class today?"
Tom - "Yeah, but I'm Brenting it."
Alan - "Maybe I will too, I have a good book I want to read."
by Jhalysz March 28, 2015
the act of defecating down another individual's throat. (verb)
Bryce was so angry at Mo that he threatened brenting down his throat.
by CrtPlaz November 01, 2011
verb. The act of doing Brent
Kayley is Brenting. Steph has tried Brenting but did not like it.
by Tatch April 29, 2005
acting stupid and awkward.
Stop brenting me you whore
by elloeyey September 16, 2010

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