A guy who knows everything. If you have done something totaly crazy he has done it but way cooler or better. He is a doctor, laywer, senators son, astronaut, storm chaser, assasin, historean, ultimate fighter, body builder, CSI investicator, BMX racer, ninja, fire fighter, UFO chaser, stuntman, ladie killer, mechanic, pro fisherman and is best friends with the only guy that is almost as cool as him Chris. The dosaquis commercial is based on him. Other movies that are roughly based on his life are:
-Passion of the Christ
-Never ending story
-Harry Potter
And too many other ones to list including Jesus.
Jeremy: "I have skydived off the empire state building in a snow storm."
Brent: "Oh i i did that but riding an elaphant backwards."
by We want to be like Brent June 13, 2012
Brent, a loyal and trustworthy guy who is capable of making everyone smile if he wants to. At first look, you may think he's so quiet but once you melted the ice and starts talking with him, at the middle, you will see that he's fun to talk with and a very nice friend. He has a golden heart. Also he does stupid things just to make everyone's day happy and full of fun. He is smart and intelligent person who likes going with friends every time. He can help you with your problems and he doesn't takes side on his friends. He is the middle, the mediator between his friends if they fight. He is also respected because of his attitude towards other people. He can be your best friend, Having all the qualities a friend could have but all combined in a single person.
Friend 1- Who's that guy? He seems kind, loving and funny.
Friend 2- His name is Brent. The best type of friend you can get it is like having all the qualities a friend could be but all combined in 1 person.
by DarkAssasin-V June 26, 2014
A person, who gets you with his gorgeous smile from middle of nowhere. While trying to understand what that was about, comes and tells you that you are the sunshine, and without my existence there will be no sunshine around him. He follows you makes you feel important and happy. He charms you with every little game he can probably play. With only his one word I planned my entire life around him but he never wanted to be the man. I still don't understand what that was all about, I am grateful because I am a better person because of him now. Without him nothing would be the same. You will be missed forever.Thank you Brent!
He has a charming smile. Who is this guy?

His name is Brent.
by got lucky April 09, 2013
loves Natascha unconditionally. he is the sweetest, most caring guy in the world. brent loves being kinky and enjoys being a tease.
he gets all the girls, without even trying.

so easy to fall in love with.
brent is the perfect mate, always there when you need him and supports his friend through everything, a guy you can really count on.

perfect in every way.
amazing in bed, know what he want nd how to get it, he really knows what hes doing ;) QQS/ LLS

"awww he so perfect"
by tooshka October 31, 2011
A whales vagina
That's a nice brent
by Lab.da.man April 01, 2015
A nickname for a male named Brent
Does B-rent need a coke for his mailroute?
by M to the P October 15, 2006
Seems quiet at first, but then spins you in a completely different direction.

He'll make you laugh quite hard a few times, then he'll fall for you. They usually tend to play games. He's with ya' one second, then picking up some girl the next. You can't trust them, and the best medicine for this is to try as hard as you can to get over it.
Me: See that tall kid with all of that brown hair? Yep, that's Brent...
You: Oh, gosh...he asked me to touch his abs.

Me: Typical... >.>
by pudgeymuch October 16, 2011

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