a guy who wants to stick his baby arm in a girls vagina & squirt his baby gravy all up in her
Girl: see the guy over there? hes cute
*guy walks closer*
Guy: hey my names Brent!
Girl: Finally, you've cum to me!
by you'llneverguesswho October 20, 2010
When playing hacky-sack, you only hit it once and pass it with sed hit.

If the next person does the same it is a Douglas.

If the third person also Brents it is known as a Henning.
Shit man sorry, i Brented.

Awww, a Douglas!

by Kash A. October 13, 2011
a really hot kid who can't say cold or gold correctly. likes to go shirtless and looks kinda like chunk from goonies. alright. i love that kid♥
heyy brent, do the chunk dance for me?
by powerrangersforever! January 30, 2011
Awesome giantly tall person with awesome black hair styled his way. He is incredibly musically talented and has a personality that could melt the sun.
Wow he plays that guitar Brent
I know I can barely look at him
by Winger girl February 03, 2010
When a guy betrays his friends for a girl who is younger than him/ is no longer a good friend because he is to far up his girlfriends ass to notice.
"Yo man have you seen Bob lately?"
"No! Ever since he started getting yock from that college chick he is dating he has been a real Brent!"
by MarkAssCruzyDouglas December 30, 2011
A real bull queer from Pickens who fishes pay ponds but doesn't eat fish...he eats boogers.
"I saw Brent yesterday. What a booger eater !!"

"Oh yeah. He's a booger eater from way back."
by Physcoholis slag January 25, 2012
An asshole who only uses females for sex or to get what he wants. Trys to be tough when in reality hes nothing but a pussy who like to fuck dogs.
Hey brent who are you dating this week?
brent-Ohh a girl named hali after i fuck her im gonna dump her to fuck my dog.
by aly238 November 19, 2013
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