A trifflin' sleezy female thing that'll break your heart multiple times then leave you hanging on the telephone and then you'll come back because she's such a repulsive cutie that overwhelms you with her adorableness but then the cycle continues and you're just left confused, in pain, and in love.
Damn, that Breezy just hit me in the face with a tree and I cried but then she made me feel better then hit me again.
by Broken Hearted Satan February 01, 2014
To be relaxing, chilling.

To be relating towards something that is cool as in popular.

Marlon Beck
Im just breezin out here on the porch

Those shoes are breezy!
by Flyguymane July 11, 2011
Superficial, materialistic females from Burbank, California.

Most of them can be caught sharing syphilis with bros, their idiotic counterparts.
Those 818 breezies don't like me because I'm poor.
by Thug Jug September 19, 2008
where all the breezies at?
by frank April 01, 2003
1. (n.) one who performs oral sex regularly; a bitch that blows
2. (n.) any female
3. (n.) the act of performing oral sex; brain
4. (adv.) a state of ostentatious euphoria; the state of ballin
5. (adj.) not difficult; simple; easy
6. (n.) beer; brew
Once that breezy saw how breezy I am, she gave me breezy all night. It was so breezy. Now I'm feeling breezy. Let's go get some breezies.
by McIllSick December 29, 2011
A girl that is easy going or low maintenance.
My girlfriend Rachel is breezy.
by The PrancerJT March 28, 2009
50 bags of smack, or 5 honey buns.
guy 1, hey bro what were u trying to get today?

guy2, idk bro prolly a breezy.

guy 1, good shit bro.
by your moms drug dealer January 01, 2012

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