to give a blow job or "head"
"the girls give brain but i'm educated"
- chipmunk - chip diddy chip
#brain #head #blow job #chipmunk #penis
by zhetblz May 12, 2009
giving some head (blowjob)

''and your already giving me brain''

im not your boyfriend baby, 3oh3!
#blowjob #head #oral sex #sex #love
by hippychild April 19, 2009
when u take ur balls and squeeze them together to make them look like a brain
i told the teacher too look around then i flashed her the brain
#brain #ball squeeze #brain flash #lovin life #womans delight
by gilli-spree September 26, 2007
Organization: The Brotherhood for the Revelation and Awareness of Infectious Necrobiotic Situations. A group dedicated to raising public awareness and preparedness in the face of inevitable undead-related catastrophe (AKA zombpocalypse). Advocates strong public health and science protocols, ecologically-sound living, survivalist practices and responsible weapons ownership.
(In the midst of chaotic, nightmarish societal breakdown)

Zombie bait 1: OMG, we're trapped on this roof!
Zombie bait 2: And we're out of ammunition!
Survivor (driving by in armored vehicle): Man, those two are screwed. I sure am glad I joined BRAINS - without their tips, I never would have bought this zombie stomper!
#zombie #undead #shotgun #survivor #zombpocalypse
by Cicero's Assassin December 07, 2007
Getting a blowjob. Refers to going so deep yu get the 'brains' of the girl.
Rudeboi: im gettin Brains tonight!
Rudegal: Hell ye yu r!
#brain #brains #head #blowjob #oral sex
by tkwo June 29, 2010
When getting a blowjob, the dick goes so far in it tears the back of the throat and somehow manages to penetrate the brain
Yo dude, this hot chick totally gave me brain the other day! Too bad she died, bro.
#blowjob #bj #oral sex #head #sex
by DrFunkenstein April 30, 2010
when you take one of your nuts and flash it through the hole in the front of your boxers. resembling a brain.
i gave mikey the worst brain...he was scarred for life.
#brain #balls #nuts #testies #sack
by Scoot m. September 08, 2006
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