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Zombie food. The whole reason they carry rocks.
"Gimme your brain(s), douche"
"No thanks"
by Stuart James October 05, 2005
46 40
When getting a blowjob, the dick goes so far in it tears the back of the throat and somehow manages to penetrate the brain
Yo dude, this hot chick totally gave me brain the other day! Too bad she died, bro.
by DrFunkenstein April 30, 2010
10 5
Something that Justin Bieber fans don't have.
Susan: I have such a huge crush on JB!

Bill: I always knew you had no brain!
by Sum Gy April 03, 2012
4 0
simple... another word for head. suck it or not?
"chillin like a scarecrow lookin for some brain"
-lil wayne
by flipperrrr June 16, 2007
23 19
- To smash the skull of
- To hit or bang (someone) on the head.
I thought about studying, but decided to brain myself instead.

That guy called my mother a whore, so I had him brained.
by Joe Odell April 16, 2008
31 28
Referenced in the movie 'Waiting. . .' it is the isolation of one's ball sack by squeezing the ball sack at its base and making it puff out thus resembling the shape of the human brain.
Just to see his reaction, I shot Brian a flash of my brain! That fucking meat gazer seemed to enjoy it!
by Amato75 May 24, 2006
73 70
What a lot of people don't use.
In order to survive, one must use his brain.
by MetagrossX March 22, 2013
2 0