Used a sentence as "to give brain"

(v) To give/get a blow job
(n) Blow job (also know as head, deep throat, etc.)
Dis bitch gave me tha best brain last night bro...fershizzle!
by Murphizzle Dizzle May 18, 2005
Something that Justin Bieber fans don't have.
Susan: I have such a huge crush on JB!

Bill: I always knew you had no brain!
by Sum Gy April 03, 2012
- To smash the skull of
- To hit or bang (someone) on the head.
I thought about studying, but decided to brain myself instead.

That guy called my mother a whore, so I had him brained.
by Joe Odell April 16, 2008
Zombie food. The whole reason they carry rocks.
"Gimme your brain(s), douche"
"No thanks"
by Stuart James October 05, 2005
The steps of the Brain are simple:
Step 1 - Put your hands palms facing each other and completely flat
Step 2 - Stick them inside another person's anus
Step 3 - With your hand in the same position form them both into fists
Step 4 - Ram your "brain" back and forth inside of the person for optimal pleasure
Guy: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Girl: Hell yeah.
Guy: I'm going to brain you so hard.
by VisibleKitten June 18, 2014
What a lot of people don't use.
In order to survive, one must use his brain.
by MetagrossX March 22, 2013
simple... another word for head. suck it or not?
"chillin like a scarecrow lookin for some brain"
-lil wayne
by flipperrrr June 16, 2007
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