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The steps of the Brain are simple:
Step 1 - Put your hands palms facing each other and completely flat
Step 2 - Stick them inside another person's anus
Step 3 - With your hand in the same position form them both into fists
Step 4 - Ram your "brain" back and forth inside of the person for optimal pleasure
Guy: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Girl: Hell yeah.
Guy: I'm going to brain you so hard.
by VisibleKitten June 18, 2014
When the scrodum is clinched at the top making your testicles look like a brain. BRAIN is shouted very loudly when you preform this manuver.
by SnowmanBB February 08, 2012
Something made to make us think we can think.
My brain is tryna convince me intro thinking Im capable of thinking.
by Toronto Raptors January 26, 2008
use to be motard who now thinks he is "cool" because he grows out his "stache" and hair...but really just wants to look like his little brother Lewis.
Look at Brain
Ya, he used to be all moto...now he looks like that dirtbag Lewis
by lcplLewie May 09, 2011
In Britain to brain someone is to beat them up; to smash out their brains!
Just let me know before I go and brain Louise with a baseball bat.
by sweeeeeeeeeet June 22, 2010
A casual blowjob - better known as Cashj Beej
"This skank hooked up some brain last night - I knew she was down for cashj beej."
by bTreezy November 10, 2006
1. An organ in the head

2. The object that zombies eat
The zombie Ate brians brain
by Naruto365 March 17, 2014