1) An intricately organized bundle of organic cables (axons) and processors (cell bodies) encased within the skull. It is responsible for all human thought and cognition.

2) A fatty piece of meat lodged in your head that, in males, is often in direct competition with the BALLS. (For most, the balls win). Also the most popular food item for zombies and Star Jones.
1) The nerdy, sex-deprived scientist opened up his lab supervisor's skull and was about to examine the guy's BRAIN, when he started to get really hungry, and then deduced logically that he was indeed a zombie.

2) Jimmy was contemplating whether or not to thrust his schlong into his girlfriend's pooper, when it suddenly became clear that his BRAIN was losing the contest to his balls.
by OpposingForks February 16, 2011
Referenced in the movie 'Waiting. . .' it is the isolation of one's ball sack by squeezing the ball sack at its base and making it puff out thus resembling the shape of the human brain.
Just to see his reaction, I shot Brian a flash of my brain! That fucking meat gazer seemed to enjoy it!
by Amato75 May 24, 2006
Giving head to assess the cognitive strength and abilities of the man.
I gave him the best brain of his life to get the highest cognitive rating.
via giphy
by Exclusivity<3 June 24, 2016
When the scrodum is clinched at the top making your testicles look like a brain. BRAIN is shouted very loudly when you preform this manuver.
by SnowmanBB February 08, 2012
Something made to make us think we can think.
My brain is tryna convince me intro thinking Im capable of thinking.
by Toronto Raptors January 26, 2008
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