The next generation of the blowjob...which became "Suck my Dick," then "Give me head," and finally morphed into "Give me Brain".......because, as we all know, brain is better than head. Think about it.
You might have to take a good looking woman out to a nice dinner in order to get head...... but all you have to do in order to get dope brain is get her to sit in the passenger seat of your shitty ride, flex the stereo, lite up a cigarette or a blunt and help her along with your hand on the back of her head.
by kenjmack March 04, 2007
food for zombies who are hungry
The innocent girl's brain became food for the zombie
by Toki + Hizo May 25, 2007
A big wad in your head that controls all your functinons and gives you the ability to remember stuff. Get your mind outta the gutters sickos.
She's smart..she must have a big brain!
by DanielleMT95 August 02, 2008
see oral sex.
"she gives good brains" or "i got brains while i was driving".
by sk January 06, 2003
The staple diet of the common zombie. Nobody knows why zombies eat human (and possibly animal) brains, they just do. It's their thang.
"Uuhhhhhhh!! Braaaaaainnnsss!!!" - A zombie
by Kazzahdrane November 23, 2004
Head, oral, blowjob
Yo, that bee-atch gives some wicked brains!
by crazy February 19, 2004
giving head, blowjob, oral sex, dick sucking
"have you ever popped champaigne on a plane,
while gettin some brain, whip it out she said
'i never seen snakes on a plane'"

-kanye west: good life

"i am the beast
feed me rappers or feed me beats
im untamed i need a leash
im insane i need a shrink
i love brain i need a leech
why complain on easy streets"

- lil wayne: we takin over
by cjdlajfkj November 27, 2007
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