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(Verb) To attempt to screw someone by offering them a highly disadvantageous exchange.
Yo dawg, I'm going to brad this guy by offering him $50 for his brand new Ferrari.

Would I be brading you if I offered you an RB3 for your QB1?
by Notch Johnson Esquire October 03, 2012
To overpay for something many times beyond the intended price and the objects true value.
He's about to completely brad by bidding $116 in the auction instead of $16. Must have made a typo.

I didn't notice the extra 0 on the price of the hamburger and just braded by paying $100 instead of $10.
by Rock Johnson2 September 13, 2013
To take on a task without realizing the overwhelming time commitment.
I just volunteering to be a debate coach - boy that was a Brad move.
by abgeschiedene July 17, 2013
filipino slang term for male friend or dude (short for brother)
brad paki abot ng yosi.
meaning: Dude,pls. pass me the cigarrete
by Montse December 13, 2006
Generally a brainless and soul-less moron. Often beset by the results of de-motivation and lack of ambition so much so that you can almost always find a 'Brad' with that "I've been robbed" sour puss look on his face. Almost always a sexually disfunctional deviate who prefers younger girls (obviously on account of 'brad's' regressed and alcohol damaged brain).

A 'Brad' also swaps his values from conversation to conversation in an attempt to either please or seem superior to the particular person/group he is speaking to.

His loyalties lie within being "a cool kid" and "having a good time".
PARIS: "Brad, what are you doing? Why are you cradling that wine bladder and straddling that 16 year old girl??? You're 22 and we're in a relationship."

BRAD: "Chill, I'm just just a cool kid looking to have a good time!"

PARIS: "But she's 16, she's still in high school!"

BRAD: "She dropped out last year, we're intellectual contemporaries"
by LeonayTheGreat July 03, 2012
A snakelike/serpentile creature. Normally used within the context of being a "top brad".
Ah, what a top brad, taking those year 12's to lunch instead of us...
by gfdfffddf January 07, 2012
Someone or some thing that likes the fact he has massive boobs and goes out with mouses, yes the animal. He tends to think he is preety cool but actually is a preety big queer. This thing looks like an alian fetus that was born in a frogs scrotum an brougt up ny monkeys in the wild, but when he found a way to eat he wouldnt stop, which now has lead to his overgrown nipples which i think have started to form a milky substence when you squeeze them.
This thing also plays loads of really faggy games and talks about them because he thinks people will just be like, oh whatever, when really there thinking, wow this guy is a queer fag/ homosexual nerdy homosapian . 1253t3{}
He has no balls, full stop, literaly no balls and this string like thing he tends to call his dick. But i cant find any similarities between his rectum and a normal human beings.
This brad thing hates, and i mean HATES VAGINA!!! he vomits all over his titties when he thinks about it.
A nickname i like to refrence him as is "Ranga pubes" or "LOL, see that guy over there he has ranga pubes"
And now to finish of my description of an alian fetus, born and broght up with humans, by saying one thing.
and ranga pubes
And is a fat ass
wow i could go on forever
Is is cold or is brad sitting with us

wow brad you smell like shit today, along with every other day

You know what brad, i hate you

wow shutup you a brad. (goes off crying)
by Troll..... November 05, 2011
He likes swing dancing and playing the guitar and hiding in the closet when the wind is loud. He always wears his favorite purple hoodie and has a twitchy ankle. Brads are very sweet and they like smoothies. Hanging out with him is refreshing and cool, just like lemonade. Brads work best with girls whose names start with an E, such as "Edna", "Edwina", "Erma", "Edwarda", and "Ethel". Oh, and he's pretty much amazing.
Ethel: "Look at that Brad! Why is he hiding in the closet?" Edwina: "Because all the purple hoodies are in there!"
by Tennessee Girl April 07, 2011