(Verb) To attempt to screw someone by offering them a highly disadvantageous exchange.
Yo dawg, I'm going to brad this guy by offering him $50 for his brand new Ferrari.

Would I be brading you if I offered you an RB3 for your QB1?
by Notch Johnson Esquire October 03, 2012
an annoying bald fat guy who will fuck up your life by lying and making you feel absolutely worthless and then makes up excuses for fucking everything
hello you fatass brad, go suck a big fat dickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
by jkgnkf February 26, 2015
To take on a task without realizing the overwhelming time commitment.
I just volunteering to be a debate coach - boy that was a Brad move.
by abgeschiedene July 17, 2013
A type of man who is obsessed with himself, even got a douchey-name to go with it. Usually an older guy who wants to feel young, spends a lot of his time tanning and at the gym, and the other half lying, cheating, and trying to manipulate young women because he thinks they are not smart enough.
Laura: "I had another B-rad try to jock me."

May: "What did this guy say?"

Laura: "He asked if I ever need help with my workouts, he can drop by my place anytime."

May: "OMG, what a douche!"
by paybacksabitch714 February 05, 2010
A kid who has a very small dick. Often described as miniscule. He even admit it was small that one time on the stairs. He tries to play it off but we all know its true. He may just be gay but we dont know just yet.
You see brad last night he was with that guy from the gas station.
by KILLPIX248 March 30, 2015
Meaning to be short have bad hair and can't rap. Usually having no friends
Dude wtf happened to you, you look like b-rad
by Mickey43091 November 18, 2014
A dad who is also a bro. He's your friend's father who seems like he was probably a meat-head jock in high school.
"Dude, look at Joe's dad wearing that muscle shirt and those ridiculously huge sunglasses."
"I know, and he's always either at the gym or drinking."
"He's a total brad."
by regimechange October 17, 2013
To overpay for something many times beyond the intended price and the objects true value.
He's about to completely brad by bidding $116 in the auction instead of $16. Must have made a typo.

I didn't notice the extra 0 on the price of the hamburger and just braded by paying $100 instead of $10.
by Rock Johnson2 September 13, 2013
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