A dirty albino with a broken soul
Bradley is Brad
by i dont like brad November 10, 2010


that with which a person is principally and seriously concerned: Words are a writer's business.

of, noting, or pertaining to business, its organization, or its procedures.
Words are a writer's brad.

That is serious brad.

Wow, that guy means brad.
by BradMeansBusiness April 22, 2010
Round head brass fasteners used to keep together movie scripts.
He stuck the brads in the three punched holes of the script
by Steve Pareidolia June 21, 2005
A jerk who goes around acting like a child and will touch every girl that walks by. even if u say dont touch me he still will grab ur butt or stick his hand down your shirt. you should stay away from brad at all costs, every brad ive met is rude arrogent and needs to be tested for STD's
girl: i said dnt touch me
Brad: i dont care (grabs butt)
girl: (slaps brad)

girl 1: did u hear, molly is dating brad!
girl 2:what is wrong with her, i saw him touching three differant girls this morning!
girl 1: what a jerk!
by Ca$$!y October 11, 2011
a super small penis, that's also fat.
"Holy shit you have a brad !!!"
by Pencccccccil August 19, 2011
A "BRAD" is a person of very loserish social standard. He is the one becomes the talk of the town by their ridiculous and super obnoxious behavior (both in person and/or on social media mediums). A "BRAD" is most commonly know as being a worthless individual who tends to get on ones nerves. A good 72% of "BRAD's" are often lurking around at house parties, camp sites, and other low profile locations. Hanging out with a "BRAD" can and will most probably make you a "BRAD" by association. Basically, a "BRAD" is a person who a person of high social standing would associate themselves with.
WOW, that guy is really annoying me, he's such a "B.R.A.D."
by yourstruly818 August 16, 2011
a guy who looks like he would be small in the pants. he is very un-experienced in the bed. and looks like a typical gay man.
oh he is wearing pink,.. that guy looks like a bradley
by drake wetering June 07, 2011

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