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Round head brass fasteners used to keep together movie scripts.
He stuck the brads in the three punched holes of the script
by Steve Pareidolia June 21, 2005
a guy who looks like he would be small in the pants. he is very un-experienced in the bed. and looks like a typical gay man.
oh he is wearing pink,.. that guy looks like a bradley
by drake wetering June 07, 2011
A dirty albino with a broken soul
Bradley is Brad
by i dont like brad November 10, 2010
White ass name.
Guy 1: Whos that mug over there?

Guy 2: Brad

Guy1: Damn he must be white as hell, like Brad from Malibu's Most Wanted.
by Mondomondomondomodno August 18, 2010
"He thinks he is so Brad."

"If the world was a little more Brad, it would be a better place."

Bumper Sticker: My kid was voted Most Brad.
by MoodyGirl24 February 18, 2010
A dad/brother=brad. A guy that your mom dates for at least 3 years (or marries) who is less than ten years older than you and acts like a father, but is young enough to be an older brother.
Me: "He was basically your step dad."
Friend: "Well kind of, but I think of him more like a brother."

Me: "He helped raise you for almost ten years."
Friend: "Yeah I guess you're right, but he was a lot like an older brother. He was like a dad and a brother at the same time. I don't know what to call him."

Other Friend: "You should call him your brad."
by eeeeeerin February 28, 2010
the biggest but skinniest flaming piece of shit walking the earth with tiny balls
hey look at b-rad over there, what a jerk off that motherfucker is
by DJ GO FUCK YOURSELF October 27, 2009