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The guy everyone judges before they know him. The name of a person who is out going and is never given a chance. The guy who you can fight with and he still won't stop being your friend.
Ti: Your a dick Brad! Brad: Yea so? still gonna hang here.
by [Brad] January 20, 2009
The girl you can count on. The girl who will have your back no matter what you do. The girl who will give 110% every min of the day. The girl who Ti loves very much. The girl who will give her heart to the guy who gives her a chance and wont let go. The girl who is smoking hot and you don't want to get off of.
Brad: Ti how was your date with Alyssa. Ti: Dude I had the best night of my life she was sooo hot. Brad: Damn that good huh? Ti: Hell yea
by [Brad] January 20, 2009

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