meaning Be Rad. U gotta be rad ir ur name is b.rad
b.rad is so rad,
b.rad is not rad
by Brad January 23, 2005
an annoying bald fat guy who will fuck up your life by lying and making you feel absolutely worthless and then makes up excuses for fucking everything
hello you fatass brad, go suck a big fat dickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
by jkgnkf February 26, 2015
a bro dad; someone who is neither your biological father nor brother, but who cares for you in a brotherly way at a fatherly age. A relationship similar to fatherhood and brotherhood but realistically neither.
You: "Wow, he gives such good advice."

Friend: -in a taunting manner- "What is he, your dad or something?!"

You: "Nah man, he's my Brad. There whenever I need him, with the informality of a brother and the wise perspective of a father."

Friend: "Damn, I wish I had a Brad."
by Dadmirer123 October 29, 2013
filipino slang term for male friend or dude (short for brother)
brad paki abot ng yosi.
meaning: Dude,pls. pass me the cigarrete
by Montse December 13, 2006
someone who can make you smile instantly, you only have to see his name and your face lights up. has a very cheeky side;) can be cocky, or as he says 'cheeky' because there's a difference;} hes absolutely gorgeous!! Im such a lucky girl. he's someone you can spend your whole life with and not even have to worry about him leaving you for someone else. He torments me so much, but i could never change him for anyone. He's perfect. He's mine. and only mine. the love i have for him is unconditional. my faggot. future husband<3.
if you ever meet a brad, you are extremely LUCKY.
by his girlfriend xo February 22, 2015
Brah with the big D. He's a real G shawty that can really find your G-Spot.
Guy1: So braD, you sliding in there?
Guy2: Yeah brah, I totally hit that G-Spot.
by Xtr3m3sn0ber December 23, 2013
BRAD is something so rad done by a bro, or something so bro-radical, that it is referred to as BRAD. Also see BRADICAL.
"that was so BRAD bro."
"bro! that was sooooo BRAD!"
"BRAD bro... BRAD."
"braaah. neon spokes are wicked BRAD."
by momjeans666 September 17, 2013
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