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1)According to Tony Montana, it's white powder that pollutes your womb, so that you can't even have a leetle baby.
2)Cocaine powder.
"Wow, that's a big pile of llello I just put my nose in."
by Donald Duck May 01, 2003
Cuban-Spanish slang word for cocaine hydrochloride (also called blow).
Rush rush, get the llello.
by nobody November 04, 2003
llello, pronounced "yayo", is "street" term for "coke" or "cocaine"
"Rush rush, give me llello!"
-Debbie Harry from Blondie
by A Drake October 12, 2003
Slang for cocaine, used by rappers and kids too. Pronounced "yay-o"
"I didn't wanna take his life, but the nigga tried to run and get away with me llello.." -Bone Thugs N' Harmony - Mr. Bill Collector
by xps April 04, 2005
Cocaine, crack; it is a Spanish word, and the double l's are pronounced as "y"'s.
The bitch came back with a bag of llello.
by VAKI5 October 23, 2003
white powder from the coca plant. ssame thing as cocaine, coke, blow, yayo.
hey you clown, if you didn't snort so much llello, perhaps you would know the word "linguistically," and not be a total dumbass by saying "linguilly" and committing the same fallacy that you are criticising everyone else for. dumbass lelloed idiot.
by me October 03, 2004
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