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1) In Magic the Gathering, when a player has more land than any other card type or draws a land card in 5 consecutive turns.

2) The opposite of mana screw.
"Dude, I could've totally killed you, if it weren't for mana flood for the first 7 turns of the game..."
by aSyntaxError May 04, 2009
Drawing unnecessary land for 5 turns or more in Magic the Gathering.
"DAMMIT!! This is the 8th turn I've drawn a damn land! I'm getting mana raped up the ass here!!"
by aSyntaxError May 17, 2009
In Magic: the Gathering when an opponent returns a creature back to a player's hand (usually in the form of Boomerang or a similar card), used as a verb.
"I'm gonna bounce your Lord of the Pit and then attack with my Raging Goblins just to piss you off."
by aSyntaxError May 24, 2009
1. A player in rummy who picks up the discard pile to prevent another player from picking up a certain card, in particular, the card they needed to finish a set or run.

2. The player who has control in the game hearts.

3. Anyone who knows all the rules to several card games.
"Man! I was going to pick up that 7 if Jeff wasn't such a card whore!"
by aSyntaxError April 02, 2009
In Magic the Gathering: short for 'Wrath of God', used as a verb
"First I'm going to Wrath all your damn pingers and then play all of MY pingers. Enjoy."
by aSyntaxError May 24, 2009

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