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an euphemism for mentally retarded
If you're riding the short bus, chances are you're speshul.
by wandersfar August 12, 2007
(noun) the state of being confuzzled, i.e., confused
The perplexing quandary left her in a state of confuzzlement.
by wandersfar February 16, 2006
1) an expression, or perhaps more appropriately, action of excitement, happiness, joy, etc. This interpretation is usually favored when asterisks are placed on either side of the term, i.e., *bounces*.

2) without the asterisks, bounce usually refers to the act of leaving.
1) I got the job! *bounces!*

2) I'm bored. Let's bounce.
by wandersfar January 31, 2006
To molest with a noodle, especially with one's own noodle, or with a noodle of unspecified origin.

Usage Note: Although the act of moodling is usually unintentional, the verb can convey a connotation of sketch. (See second example.)
At dinner Mariska was dismayed to find, upon glancing at her lap, that she had been... moodled.

So Ryan, do any moodling lately? *wink, wink*
by wandersfar December 16, 2004

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