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1) to leave or move away from an area
2) to "escort" an unwanted guest from a party by any means necessary
3) when you have sex
1) come on homie, let's bounce
2) man, lets bounce those fools theyre dicks n theyre drinkin our alcohol
3) that bitch bounced on me all ngiht long
by jimre September 04, 2005
124 85
1. To leave very quickly
2. Get the hell outta Dodge
3. Blow this popstand
Homeboy pulls out that Tek-9, we bounce, Ace. . . .
by William Dean A. Garner September 09, 2003
48 23
Type of music genre, originating in New Orleans in the early 90s, also known as "that beat". Has a "Triggerman" or "Brown Beat" to it.The genre evolved quickly through the '90s. Throughout this decade the Take Fo' record label dominated the scene with artists such as DJ Jubilee, Da' Sha Ra', Willie Puckett, and Katey Red.
I hope the D.J. play some bounce tonight.
by Tessina W. March 12, 2008
50 32
to leave
"Hey man, this party is no fun. Let's bounce."
by trackstar August 28, 2003
42 29
To restart or recycle as in a server.
"The RPC service was down so I called the network guys and had them bounce the server."
by Caroline Lienhardt December 11, 2003
50 39
Said to another person when they have been 'shamed out'.
Person 1: "Lalalalala I'm sooooo smart I got 90 percent in my maths test!!"

Person 2: "I got 95 percent."

Person 3 *says to Person 1*: "Oohh bounce!"
by Anjileen September 24, 2007
21 12

1. for a check to be returned from the bank because of insufficient funds

2. to send back a check (as in sense 1)

3. to leave

4 to throw someone out
They bounced the damn check again
by Light Joker January 29, 2007
15 6