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When you stick your finger in a girls poon hole and pull it out fast to make a popping noise.
"I was bottle capping with this girl last night."
by Spanky November 03, 2003
8 16
The art of swallowing and lodging an object in your throat, and choking
Dude, he swallowed a bottlecap. he was Bottlecapping
by Potter7137 March 03, 2012
2 0
verb: the action of pulling a "bottlecap". adj. a person who has been bottlecapped, has been on the recieving end of a prank.
When one attempts to pick up money from the ground, only to find it has been super-glued down, by some hilarious prankster.
They just got bottlecapped!!! Bottlecapping has just occurred
by Curtain head September 01, 2006
3 1