A fuckin shit american nigger phrase that comes from black hip hop cultures influence on western society. Other words that americans and blacks make up to ruin the english langueage (not to mention make themselves sound like fuckin idiots) include phat, bling and shorty. Although i'm sure that the meaning of all these words vary from council estate to coucil estate, it is basically a stupid word by twats who can't talk and think they're cool.
me: that girl has a nice ass
american black gangsta: bruva dat booty is phat, i wanna see her twat
me: talk normally, your annoyine me
american black gangsta: nah man, if it don't rhyme then its a crime
me: walks away from stupid hip hop loving, mirror staring twat
by hollowaytom October 04, 2006
1: A treasure either stolen or "found"; usually involves pirates and/or raids.

2: A synonym for another type of treasure usually found and refered to as big and/or attractive; found on most women.
Black Beard: "Aarg! Check out that huge booty there mates!" (can be applied to either definition)
1. A baby's shoe.

2. American slang for arse.
Americans tend to make up words such as BOOTY because they can't remember what the actual word is.
a small boot, a boot too small to fit
"you're booty is fine"
by Micheal Hunt November 19, 2003
Word to replace any word in a phrase. Used to add greatness to the subject of the phrase.
Yo, did you guys catch that show last night? It was the booties! or How was your dinner? Mine was so bootie-licious! The booties-at...
by Vanessa Connett November 09, 2007
booty unsatisfying,weak, boring, not good
This party hella booty, lets leave.
by cherrie grl October 06, 2006
Another word for an ass. or what my gurl has 2 have on her so i can tap that.
That gurl Shanequa got a booty up on her u watch me ima tap dat by the end of the week.

by i_luv_black_booty August 26, 2006
booty means ugly, bad, horrible, slacking, tore up
"you look mad booty in that outfit."

"dang your shot is booty, you missed everyone."
by li li October 19, 2005

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