A big ass most often found on black gurls. mexican and asian gurls have a behind( a butt that is compleatly flat) white gurls have a butt it has some shape but no definition or roundness a booty is what black gurls and some perto ricans have its big round and has shape and definition the kind of butt u can grab up in your hands and squeeze
beyonce has one bootylicious booty.
wit ya traffic jam booty heads pausing so fast. -ludacris
by jonn May 29, 2005
Booty can sometimes mean something is boring, whack, or stupid and mostly a waste of time.
Derrick: "Man that party was hella booty"
Dan: " I know a waste of time"
by RISsKy December 04, 2009
A slang word often used by pirates for 'loot' or 'treasure'.
It's that damn ninja! He's trying to take off with me booty! Argh!
by Dana McCollins August 06, 2005
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