to get your feelings hurt
"dont get all booty, it was just a joke"
by yan from south central japan March 29, 2008
Usually referred to fat asses covered in cellulite attached to a black woman. Fat ass lovers that can't get laid prefer fat cottage cheese asses.
That girls fat booty even makes my troll ass vomit from its size.
by the almighty lord December 09, 2006
A body part that all black people are obssesed with
Damn look at Lafawndas booty dont you just want to tap that ass
by slim thug April 21, 2005
bad, awful, bunk, accustomed to losing
dub: 'how's b-ball season?'
biz: 'man peoria whooped us...we booty'
by 'drizzle April 17, 2005
A pharse that oftens refers to "exit only", unless your really lucky!
My booty hurts, I haven't been able to walk right for a week.
by massive February 02, 2005
Those 1/2" thick "THINGS" you put on over your socks BEFOR you put on your
MOM: Your feet will freeze and fall off if you dont put on your "BOOTIES"
by Ritch January 27, 2005
1.) something that is gay, jacked up, or retarded.

2.) a girl's butt
1.) man ur outta bear! that's booty dude

2.) dang that girl's got a fine booty!
by steve July 24, 2004

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