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The jiggling fat build-up at the end of your tailbone. Usually used to grind, break-dance, or utilize in other types of dance. Sometimes both booty-cheeks (butt cheeks) slap or rub together, causing a "grinding", "jelly-like", or "slapping" sound. This is normal. Booty's are used for music videos such as "Ms. New Booty," by Bubba Sparxxxx. The booty acts as a balloon filled with Jell-O or a firm sack that has freedom of movement. Large booty's tend to appeal to men. Chunky booty's, however, do not appeal to both gender categories. Booty's can be referred to as butts, bootays, bottoms, behinds, rumps, tushes, funk machines, jiggle makers, slap sacks, donks and/or badonkadonks. Slapping or squeezing the booty can cause it to explode, pop, or expand.
Person 1: Ow ow i like her booty!
Person 2: Uh oh, she dancin and the slappin is happnin'!!!
by cookie_dough_bite April 22, 2009
A time when you are attempting to sound smart or intelligent, but mess up the pronunciation or spelling of a word. Usually a typo.
Person 2: You're the idiot. You can't even spell the word.
Person 1: UGH!!!
Person 2: You smuckled. HAHA!!!
by cookie_dough_bite April 22, 2009
(Wearing baggy yet trendy sweatpants, hugging the ankles) A movement of the legs using a large hot pink ball which is propelled into the air with a kick of the feet. This is called the exorcist bunny movement.

A form of upside down squats.
Person 1: What was that!?! You totally just kicked your legs in the air!
Person 2: That's the Exorcist Bunny.
by cookie_dough_bite April 22, 2009

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