A female's posterior. Also a pirate's treasure. The modern form of the word "Booty" formed when black people found it difficult to get some.
TJ:Dang, I want to slap that booty
JZ:Me too
by Zamfir April 15, 2004
1.pirate treasure
2.what yo girlfriend got
3.what guys look fo on tha dance flo
4.that big lump on a girl's body that drives us insane
1. I claim this booty in the name of the queen!
2.damn, my gurl gotta big ass!
3.man, i can't find dat booty nowhere!
4.guy1:look at that ass go back an forth...
guy2:don't look at it, man!
by playpimpin February 11, 2004
Juicy ass.
I gotta grab that booty while I doggy style that bitch till she passes out.
by chuck November 06, 2003
the come back when some one says"Boo" to You
Girl mistakes you for ataringing at her and says:"Boo"
You answer:ty Now you have the word boo-ty
by haileyd April 23, 2008
Arrr. It be the many pieces o' eight ye may steal upon. Arrr.
Arrr! I need to bury me booty.
by Captain Awesome April 18, 2005
1. Two hunks of meat on ones back. "Booty" usually referring to a girls buttocks.

2. Also substitute for something thats bad.
1. Man, that chicks got a great booty.

2. Man, all this walking is booty.
by Probably your father. May 06, 2009
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