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the name of my mean dork like gf's cat.
my gf has a great booty. Wat u mean her or the cat
by John November 13, 2004
anyone who looks up booty in a dictionary is an idiot
dude, stop being such a booty
by hey ur dumb March 04, 2005
A fuckin shit american nigger phrase that comes from black hip hop cultures influence on western society. Other words that americans and blacks make up to ruin the english langueage (not to mention make themselves sound like fuckin idiots) include phat, bling and shorty. Although i'm sure that the meaning of all these words vary from council estate to coucil estate, it is basically a stupid word by twats who can't talk and think they're cool.
me: that girl has a nice ass
american black gangsta: bruva dat booty is phat, i wanna see her twat
me: talk normally, your annoyine me
american black gangsta: nah man, if it don't rhyme then its a crime
me: walks away from stupid hip hop loving, mirror staring twat
by hollowaytom October 04, 2006
Another word for body.
Shake your booty baby!
by escapedgoat September 29, 2004
Your ass.
Don't drop any slice of my booty, or I'll have your booty!
by Chantal2013 August 26, 2014