Man Jess has that sweet booty. i wanna tap dat shit
Also see: Ass, badonkadonk, butt, cheeks, tambourine, ass-crack, bootay, knockaz
by call me grl November 20, 2004
tea ghosts drink!!!

Hey, that girl that put that boo-tea joke on this site rocks! BOOTY? OH MAN NEVER SAW IT COMING, HAHAHAHAHAHA!
by Homie December 10, 2003
A fag that sucks dick and likes to drink loads of cum.
Damn, that booty is nasty.
by Luke Joe May 08, 2008
The thing that black women often shake in rap vidio's.

The thing I like to touch.
Look at them ni**er booties shaking.

Krystal Steal has one nice bootie
by Miroslaw May 30, 2005
The word "booty"is another slang term for a womans bottom
1.)"DAAAAAAAAAMN!girl! shake that laffy-taffy"

2.)"You sho got a nice booty"

3.)"move yo fat booty ya smelly nigger-whore!"
by smellynigger November 04, 2005
stupid, dumb


a booty of ass..butt..rear
mann, that party was soo booty


damn look at that booty! i want to tap that!
by say..whaat? July 14, 2005
the name of my mean dork like gf's cat.
my gf has a great booty. Wat u mean her or the cat
by John November 13, 2004

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