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an experienced player who is acting like a noob
person1:selling food for 1K
person2:you boon ur a lvl 70 you should know food is 500$
by wigsplitta August 20, 2005
drunk, pissed, steaming, wrecked, out yer eyeball, rubber, swallied
"A:- ye up for it the night da?
B:- Aye man boon
A:- Heavy duty boon boon
B:- Boooooooooon"
by sandeemas May 18, 2005
a virgin. 1)A person who has not experienced sexual intercourse.
2) A chaste or unmarried woman; a maiden. 3) one who does squirts hairy babies in sheds on the east side of isreal.
homie: yo dogg, look at that carnie with no teeth.
homie's pal: bet he be workin' in a flea market.
homie: word. a boon fo' life, fo'sho.
by jeff420 January 23, 2005
boon was derived from the word "booney" in the boon culture. This culture has been known to exist in the early 1200's. It was formed due to the 'Trio' family..the ancient tribal unit who ruled somalia. Boon is defined as a wreckless individual who is very dopey and needs to get a life instead of making up weird jokes and dancing round fires chanting 'kumbaya' (modernised meaning).
Hey you boons! yeah you! Sash, Nitz and Sangi!Your all boons!
by Trio Hater February 12, 2005
Simply put, b00n = n00b spelled backwards.
Little Johnny's classmates knew he was a b00n when he wet his pants in the bathroom.
by Al Shades July 31, 2004
to boon,
the act of having a quick fuck with someone elses partner or significant other, to the aproval or disaproval of the person in question
Hey dude give us a boon on ya woman! (cried out a window of a car in auckland city by Dai henwood on the comedy music video presenting show "insert video here").
by jimmy_nails October 03, 2006
a combination of the words butt + poon.

poon is to boon as pussy is to butt.
I heard Mike got some good boon out of his girlfriend on Sunday night. I could hear her moans from two houses away
by 23419 July 03, 2004