A single boob.
Guy 1: Do you see the pair of boons on that chick over there?
Guy 2: Idk man, one boon looks bigger than the other.
by bagofsketch July 01, 2015
Pulling a 'Boon' is when you show the qualities such as being unnaturally punctual, Massively impatient, asking more questions than a toddler, sniffing more drugs than humanly possible and under the delusion he/she sorts everyone out. They also suffer in finding value in things they don't understand.
Potential 'Booner' A: "Hurry the fuck up i've waited more a minute - I'm gonna leave you here if you don't hurry up. I need to pick up, So how much longer you gonna' be? How much longer?"

Potential 'Booner' B: "Mate, give me some of that... No?... I always sort you out!"

Potential 'Booner' C: "Whats that?... A can opener... what do you need that for?"
by Wish I was Booner November 22, 2011
friends who protect each other and spend so much time together everyone thinks they're lesbians
those girls are boons
by boooooooooooooooooooooooooooon November 20, 2011
The fat, crazy female out of the group of girls. Most frequently seen at bars or sleazy parties.
That bitch Liz... what a boon she is. She might as well change her last name to Boon.
by DetroitWhaaaaat February 28, 2011
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