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1) (n) an explosive device
2) (n) a total failure
3) something that was exceedingly good (used with 'the')
4) slang for an 'E' pill (short for e-bomb)
5) term for being excessivly drunk or high
6) (v)to tag a building (graffitti)
7) a major announcement usually of heavy nature
1)there was a bomb in the building
2)that movie was a bomb
3)that movie was 'the bomb'
4)we got some bombs at the party
5)i was bombed last night
6)i bombed that tunnel last week.
7)she dropped a bomb on me
by fulltilt monkey August 14, 2007
1. (before 1997) Something really bad; a failure

2. (after 1997) Something considered excellent and/or the best (uses modifier "the")
1. I hated that movie! I'm not surprised that it was a total bomb at the box office.

2. I loved that movie! It was the bomb!
by Bill M. July 27, 2004
something very cool/ good
This is some bomb ass pizza. or This is a bomb ass club.
by elizabeth April 05, 2004
A graffitti slang word
Ayo COMP u bombing tonight?
by JMoney December 18, 2003
Fast Graffiti Pieces, more than two colors, uses all of your letters. not much details just enough to look good and be on your way.
I Bomb like vietnam.

Bomb is the tightest shit out.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
refers to a person male/female who's attractive , on they steez and or carries themselves well .
whew that boy bomb !

boy 1: daaaaang u see that girl
boy 2: yea man lil mama bomb !!
by caliOh. May 03, 2009
(verb) the act of writing a grafitti tag in a highly visible public place.
Tonight me and REA are going out bombing, you down?
by JMello August 19, 2003
To fail spectacularly.
Dude, I totally bombed that Advanced Quantum Physics III midterm. I'm such an idiot!!!
by Ben November 30, 2003