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Don't lie to yourself, you wish you were from Pikesville. Whether you live in 21208 or 21209, everyone knows your name and your history. Getting a car on your 16th birthday is a birthright, much like your bar/bat mitzvah. Yes, that's right: if you live in Pikesville, and you aren't Jewish, then you want to be. And while the Mothers are playing Mah Jong and attending Stock Club meetings, and the Fathers are busy running their law firms, accounting firms, banks, and medical practices, the kids are at play, driving in their brand new cars to the bars, a house party, or the next Pikesville High School Lacrosse game. That's right, Pikesville kids are athletic (Don't let the stature fool you). And yet, when it comes time to graduate, Pikesville kids can't wait to leave to find new people because in high school, the Towson, Owings Mills, and Reisterstown kids were not good enough for the Pikesville kids to hang out with.
Don't hate Pikesville kids because our fathers sign your fathers' paychecks.
by MJM April 24, 2005
Short for "totally sweet"
That snow wall in front of Bobby Ott's door was TS
by MJM December 07, 2003
Your head, or dome- usually of large proportions
Robby McIntire has a huge domus
by MJM December 07, 2003
something dropped by the Gap Band
You dropped the bomb on me, baby
by MJM December 23, 2003

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