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Noun. A 'bomb' is used to describe a drug (typically ecstasy pills or MDMA), which has been ground up and wrapped in a cigarette paper or other suitable 'wrap' for oral consumption.
"Who's having a line?"
"Not me, snorting hurts my nose - i'll have a bomb."
by Eradeziel March 02, 2006
A slang word popular in Somerset, England. Referring to something which happened some time ago, typically a number of months. Although generally speaking its pretty vague and could refer to anything from between a few minutes to several years ago.
'What was that film we watched backalong, you know the spinny one with the corporate spies and the water an' that?'

'Oh yeah, Cypher.'

'Yeah thats was it.'
by Eradeziel May 02, 2006
A seater refers to a pillion ride on the seat of a bicycle. Also known as a 'backie'.
Boy one: "Awww go on, gimme a seater my bike's got a flat tyre!"

Boy two: "Ummm... Nah. To be honest, i've never really liked you all that much."

Boy two cycles away.
by Eradeziel March 02, 2006
A male ejaculation, described in an immature manner.
'You've got winky spit on your face.'
by Eradeziel May 03, 2008
Pronounced; 'lush-edd'

A person who is completely under the (somewhat false) impression that they are absolutely fantastic. The degree to which these people love themselves is such, that they cannot see how other people around them could possibly percieve them as anything otherwise. Derived from lush. ie. 'a lush head.'

Of course, to say 'lush-head' would make you sound like a 'dick-head', it is therefore naturally abbreviated to - lush'ead.
'Check out 'Slick Rick' man, workin' his shit with the ladies, haha!'

'Yeah right, i bet he thinks those girls are moist with desire - look, some of them are sniggering.'

'He can't see it man, he's just too much of a lush'ead...'

by Eradeziel April 26, 2006
(pronounced past-ee)

Another name for a woman's vagina.
"I stayed at Debbie's last night... Smashed her pasty. Wallop!"
by Eradeziel March 02, 2006
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