Male version of a grenade.
An ugly, unattractive and/or fat guy in a group of hot guys following the hot friend around. Everyone gets annoyed with him, he's never invited but shows up anyways.
"Who the fuck invited the bomb to come along?"
"He always follows Jake around, he should get his own life and he should stop showing up at Jakes dates."
by you know who this is AAWW December 29, 2011
A very rank and catastrophic fart with a 10 mile radius retching effect.
Hey, I just dropped a bomb.
by Cid25 May 26, 2004
B.O.M.B-when someone is sexy/hot nice body,can be a guy or girl
"oh my god that guy is so bomb"
"bro that broad is bomb"
by cass February 22, 2004
back in the days bomb was refered to something bad or an actual bomb.

in the 90's it was refered to as 'the bomb' something being good.

now these days its refered in direct relation to a pronoun or noun (i guess verb can be used too), dropping "the" the meaning of bomb is sex, otherwise meaning something very good.

jeffree star is bomb

did you see 'little miss sunshine'? it was bomb.

(best one yet)
bomb = sex
by dhdhd January 18, 2007
Slang for Ecstacy (MDMA).

Contrary to popular belief, most e pills dont have heroin or other drugs in them, except maybe caffeine. Check for user submitted test results/reviews, and for lab tests.
Person 1: What you doin tonite?
Person 2: I copped some bombs and imma bout to go roll.
by TR420 July 06, 2009
2 methods of drug taking
1)Pitting MDMA into a cigarette paper, sealing it up by twisting it and swallowing whole
2)A method of burning cannabis resin, by putting it into a piece of paper or foil, twisting both ends to form a shape similar to that of a sweet, then heating it with a lighter
"I just had a bomb of MD mate"
"You perch, I'll bomb this rock"
by Dethknight July 15, 2003
I dropped a fukin' bomb in the toilet and that shit is nasty!
by Oprah February 21, 2003
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