verb, to go down a hill fast on a skateboard
Let's go bomb that hill.
by Mad Dog Mari May 21, 2005
refers to anything that is amazing, fantastic, awesome, etc. Doesn't need the modifier the.
Those chocolate chip cookies were bomb!
by Laurz186 April 30, 2005
Beat Off Memory Bank. If you see someone (or something) sexy, you add it to your Beat Off Memory Bank, meaning you add it to the things you beat off too when porn isn't handy
damn, that girl's tits were HUGE!

yeah, she's going into the B.O.M.B
by rancidfart 1414343 July 16, 2008
something dropped by the Gap Band
You dropped the bomb on me, baby
by MJM December 23, 2003
tits, boobs etc.
my GAWD!!! would you look at the size of THOSE bombs!!
by bmoc November 14, 2003
Terds, which hang before falling down to the shallow toilet water beneath. This creates a hollow splashing noise and sends the foul water upward to give your rear a cold splash of your piss filled water.
The man dropping bombs in the stall apparently didn't care I was there to hear him.
by !THOR! June 13, 2006
Male version of a grenade.
An ugly, unattractive and/or fat guy in a group of hot guys following the hot friend around. Everyone gets annoyed with him, he's never invited but shows up anyways.
"Who the fuck invited the bomb to come along?"
"He always follows Jake around, he should get his own life and he should stop showing up at Jakes dates."
by you know who this is AAWW December 29, 2011

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