v. bullshitting, procrastinating.

Originated in the South.
Man I'm trying to eat, quit bojanglin so we can leave.
by GCURIOUS1 January 25, 2008
Top Definition
Simply means- Wasting Time.
-"hey man what's up"
-"nothin... just bonjanglin"
by Josh M March 08, 2005
To hold up others when trying to leave for a place or event.
Someone who holds up the crowd with selfish intent.
Damn, those women are always bo-janglin in the bathroom.

Where are they? Probably bo-janglin.
by Edwin October 22, 2004
Not paying attention
Quit bo jangling' and lets go.
by Anonymous September 28, 2002
Clean word for "Bullshitting". Normally when someone is lying to you, not doing what you want to do, or simply just taking their sweet time. Someone can be a bojangler.
Michael. You Bojanglin SOB. Why don't you stop your Bojanglin and lets go out. You are such a bojangler dude.
by Tailg8r2005 April 15, 2011
When a person does a very stupid or homo act for no reason at all.
With yo' stupid popcorn eatin' bojanglin' ass.

Man you touched his ass!! With yo' gay bonjanglin' ass.

Dumbass Dipshit Retard Fucktard
by CrackheadLeroy October 14, 2009
Text messaging while driving.
"Roy, stop bojanglin and drive!"
by Scott Lane February 12, 2008
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