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one bag just isn't going to cut it...
Her ugliness was showing through the first bag. I then realized that this girl was a two bagger. I then stuck another bag on top of the first one.
by joemammy February 28, 2007
A word used to describe a location with a plethora of extravagant looking females that act in ways that aren't deemed acceptable to society's standards.
Man....I cannot wizzait to go to school tomorrow! It's so freaking hoetastic.
by joemammy February 28, 2007
When a gentlemen takes his testicles and places them upon a person's face in order to disgrace that individual. For best effect they are placed near or inside the oral region (and dipped to simulate a tea bag). A person may also take the testicles and cover the eyes - this is called a trojan helmet.
Andrew was dozing away peacefully underneath his warm covers. A few moments later he awoke to C's nuts planted on his cheek. Andrew was so tired he did not even realize he was getting the tea bag treatment. We all hid and waited for the anger to come, but instead of anger we heard a soft whisper. That whisper said: "What are you guys going to do to me".
by joemammy March 03, 2007
A code name for a whore house. It is most commonly used by people when they take trips to Las Vegas and they would like to be discrete about their true intentions.
Jeffy enjoys going to Mattress Warehouse whenever his wife begins to yell at him.
by joemammy March 03, 2007
A gentlemen who is so extraordinarily good with female breasts that he is a titrexpert.
Jackson is such a titrexpert. He spotted this girl's breast cancer from a mile away... Literally A MILE AWAY! I was astounded at his abilities.
by joemammy January 15, 2009
A girl with whorish like qualities and or abilities. She may look normal to the eye, but once you get to know her you will soon find out that she possesses characteristics that someone considered a whore possesses.
Susie is so extrawhordinary. I was talking to her yesterday and in the middle of our conversation she just busted out and was like "my anus is KILLING me!". I was speechless after this.
by joemammy March 03, 2007
A condition where your legs fall asleep becuase you sit on the can too long.
Johnny couldn't walk after taking a really long dump. He had outhouse polio.
by Joemammy January 18, 2015

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