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shake yo ass!
get up there girl and ahzke what yo momma gave ya
by kozel July 08, 2003
statement refering to the compound of two words that express ones opinion of how he wants you to feel or agreeing with you; believe that
1) i was up in my room with this girl
2) how'd it go
1) she gave me what i wanted
2) baleedat
by kozel April 22, 2004
adj - a word used by people who can't pronounce, annonciate, or use proper spelling of the english language meaning cool, crazy, fucked up, wacked, out of line, and unethical and immoral.
damn did you see that bitch over there she was bojanglin

man that party was bojanglin

whoa those shoes are bojanglin
by kozel April 22, 2004

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