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Bod is a term used in the UK, usually by a chav or kev. It is basically a name given to someone in a gang or crew.
Plural: Bods
Yo, kid, pass me ya phone, or I is gonna set ma BODS on you!
Bods? You ain't go no bods!

Did you hear 'bout Tom? He's become a bod!
by ressurectionjoe September 21, 2005
5 19
surfer lingo for "dude" or "bro"

originated in virginia beach
ahhh sick swell bod!
by bodsquaddddd January 23, 2011
106 50
Acronym for "Beginning of Day" used by colleagues of office spaces to start their day. Preferably a BOD is initiated using an online messenger service such as MSN or Gtalk.

BOD is often extended using parentheses and/or semicolon "BOD();", indicating the use of a method in programming languages.
Renji: BOD()!
@: Woo, another fresh day at work!
Whacko: bah -_-.
Ollie: Teh worruk, NOOO!
by Renji March 08, 2007
202 153
Scottish Gaelic for "penis"
'se bod a tha unnad
(you are a cock)
by Ceabhan December 13, 2006
119 92
"Blacked Out Drunk." When you get completely shitfaced drunk and do not remember certain events that occured that night. Can also be understood as "Better Off Dead"
Example 1:
Matt: Yo Mike! You gettin wild tonight?
Mike: You know it! I'm gettin B.O.D.!!

Example 2:
Kyle: Hey Man I saw you last night you were B.O.D
Jimmy: I saw you last night??
by MikeT #7 November 12, 2005
34 13
Black Out Drunk
/blak/ /out/ /drəNGk/

To be so intoxicated that you black out.
"Black out, or back out!"
"Let's all get BOD tonight!"
by dizzlelemieux December 06, 2011
35 24
Slang for "bud"
Hey Bod!
by bostonbruinsbod May 05, 2013
14 5
The act and process of getting blacked out drunk. Awesomeness required.
Dude: I got wasted last night?
Chick: No, honey, you were massively BO'd.
by Admiral Awesome August 07, 2005
27 18