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Someone who attracts women wherever he is. Doesn't need to try, the women just flock round him.
He's a right pussy puller.
by teknonutter June 29, 2005
A rubbing motion inside & around a female's sexual organs with hands & fingers, to hopefully arouse and ultimately bring to orgasm.
Especially before intercourse.
by teknonutter June 22, 2005
Gammer is someone who is hideous to look at. Mainly teenage female chav types from London that used to use this phrase in the mid to late 1980s, to describe an unattractive boy.

It was believed to have originated from the pale, pink, pasty flesh of a pork gammon joint. Also termed as gammer-chops. Chops which is a slang term for the face.
What a gammer, that bloke's a right gammer. Eeeeeew yuk, what a gammer look at his face...
by teknonutter June 22, 2005
Slang term for unbridled, horny, lusty, toe curling, sweaty, passionate sex.
Fancy a good old shifterooney darling?

That girl deserves a shifterooney, she is so damn fit. Oh how I'd love to give her some right old shifterooney!
by teknonutter July 13, 2005
Is an alternative expression for slap and tickle, sex, shag, a good time, romp, fuck etc
So, did you get some good old 'jiggery poker' last night then?
by teknonutter July 06, 2005
Loom is another word for having sex, getting layed, to fuck etc
Oh yes, look at those legs, I'd love to loom her, I'd definitely give her a good looming.
by teknonutter June 29, 2005
Rubbing the rabbit head
A rabbit which likes a good old rub from human interaction.
by teknonutter June 22, 2005
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