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caribbean slang for vagina;a gyal dems pussy
go suck out your motha's pumpum dry, damn scally!
by Baaabs March 16, 2007
one. A bitch dat is a waste of time
two. disliked scally
three. A girl dat aint worth nothin
Raquelle is da waste cattie every man has greezed.
by Baaabs March 16, 2007
A girl who will open her legs for anyone; suck any mans dick/ eat out any chick's pumpum :basically a whore; bitch; cattie; man tief... got it?
Rocxii's dat scally everyman wants to fuck.
by Baaabs March 16, 2007
the caribbean slang for bad:
one. rotten/not nice; as in negative
two. tough/wicked; as in positive
one. "dat bwoi is pure bod breed."(negative)
two. "dat jam was bod." (positive)
by Baaabs March 16, 2007
one. A felacious woman
three. yea u can dance to tha tune by three six mafia ft. project pat
you want an example ? go to a hood near you, and im sure you'll find a chickenhead, just ask loll :)
by Baaabs March 16, 2007
one. greezy: being tough/bod/wicked; positive thing
two. greezed: to be fucked; have sex with
one. "yo dat jam was so greezy."
two. "yo i greezed dat girl last night."
by Baaabs March 16, 2007

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