To vomit. Used exactly like "puke", "hurl" or "toss."
Man, I feel like I'm gonna boag!
by Operations October 17, 2005
Top Definition
A person that doesn't like football
Paul: Are you coming to watch the england game with me tomorrow?
Shaun: No i'm going fishing
Paul: You boag
by gavingollum June 15, 2010

Used in situations where its more than not laughing but less than lol.

*created by gen10 and co created by cat food*
Lily: Did you hear about Jimmy's fall on the weekend?
Simon: Yeh that was a BOAG

Lisa: Liberty is a BOAG.
by sexyhotgirl101 October 15, 2012
A small (12 ft) single-person aquatic vehicle with no outboard motor, popular in the 1990s. Originally, boags were distributed by the Buildings Organizations of the American Government (BOAG) in 1989 as a way to to raise money for small businesses in New England.
Hey man, boag?

Sure, I'll grab the lifejackets.
by boag October 14, 2015
Drink of the God: Homo Blackus Pigus.
Gimme another one of 'em Boags, this Cascade is horse piss.
by Kitch May 10, 2004
Short for bogus. when something is total bogus it is referred to as boags
Sorry dog, my mom says i gotta get my math grade up before i can chill. Damn man, that shit is total boags.

Yo man i got shorted on that 20 sack. That shit was BOAGS!
by C. Justice Suitcoat May 31, 2010
a single cigeratte, one you bummed from someone
man, i need a boag after that amazing sex

yo lemme get a boag i dont have anymore
by sedfgjjkjghjgyjhjk March 04, 2008
Synonymous with the derogatory term 'cunt', the term 'boag' is used to describe a terrible person. The origin of this term is derived from an advertising campaign for the Australian Beer 'James Boag' which poses the question "Who is James Boag?" After a night's worth of consuming this substance and enduring it's effects, one will undoubtedly reply to this question the next morning in the following way: "Who is James Boag? He's a cunt!"
Friend 1: Did you see Pete dance on, then subsequently break that table at the party?

Friend 2: Yeah, what a boag!
by TheRealCC May 17, 2012
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