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(also spelled bog, boge, or bogue.) To not share.
Dude, don't boag the remote control.
by Lex Luther Vandross March 22, 2004
(v) The act of sucking orange juice out a man's anus with a straw while masterbating.
Jeff had orange juice stains on his lips from boaging Frederico last night.
by SewerSamuel2 January 29, 2010
To smoke weed
ETYM: West Bridgewater, Mass.
LOC: Billy's House
Dude, do you wanna go boag this new 'dro i got...
by Eric April 07, 2005
To be cocky or boastful.
Not to be boag or anything, but I went 12 hours last night before I had a break.
by profit0004 May 16, 2007
To vomit. Used exactly like "puke", "hurl" or "toss."
Man, I feel like I'm gonna boag!
by Operations October 17, 2005
A leg that is painfully numbed, stiffened, or cramped caused from by a deliberate Knee or punch to the side of the thigh, also referred to as a Dead Leg.
Mitch thought he was a funny guy, ha ha giggady ha ha, he laughed and laughed, that man deserved a boag and he got one. Now he walks with a limp.
by WhyMeWorry September 28, 2012