(v) The act of sucking orange juice out a man's anus with a straw while masterbating.
Jeff had orange juice stains on his lips from boaging Frederico last night.
by SewerSamuel2 January 29, 2010
(also spelled bog, boge, or bogue.) To not share.
Dude, don't boag the remote control.
by Lex Luther Vandross March 22, 2004
To be cocky or boastful.
Not to be boag or anything, but I went 12 hours last night before I had a break.
by profit0004 May 16, 2007
To vomit. Used exactly like "puke", "hurl" or "toss."
Man, I feel like I'm gonna boag!
by Operations October 17, 2005
To smoke weed
ETYM: West Bridgewater, Mass.
LOC: Billy's House
Dude, do you wanna go boag this new 'dro i got...
by Eric April 07, 2005
A leg that is painfully numbed, stiffened, or cramped caused from by a deliberate Knee or punch to the side of the thigh, also referred to as a Dead Leg.
Mitch thought he was a funny guy, ha ha giggady ha ha, he laughed and laughed, that man deserved a boag and he got one. Now he walks with a limp.
by WhyMeWorry September 28, 2012

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